Friday, June 02, 2006

Sustainability n the Water Wheel Welsh Assembly


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Updated: 02 Jun 2006

By daoud jibreel


They call it sustainability, thats more like living at one with nature but they sure don't appear to be making decisions that might lead to that.So lets take the water wheel shall we, our ancestors understood the power of the river to do certain tasks for them, they were numerous and various look in the history of the things.

Well what about using them for generating electricity???? Has the river Taff ever run dry, not to my knowledge. How about if we had 10, 15, or even twenty water wheels as it courses from its source all the way down to Cardiff Bay the seat of the not so august body that it would like to believe that it is the Welsh Assembly.

How much energy in terms of electricity could it produce for the nation? After all it runs 24/7 for 365 days of the year and it even does it on leap year days how thoughtful of it.

If one of the Assembly members cares to walk along it by the LLandaff rowing club, on the Gabalfa side they will see where a fish run has been constructed, they might marvel at the volume of water that courses over that weir all that potential energy gone to waste. Well couldn't a water wheel be placed there that feeds directly into the national grid.

I've raised this issue before and noone has taken a blind bit of notice, but then not many people look at this site yet either.

Then what about the other rivers in Wales, Scotland, or England how many of them could be pumping out electricity with numerous water wheels along their lengths, will anyone do a study, do we have the technology to harness it.

finally will we have a monitorium on street lighting, do we really need so many on for so long, what if every other one switched off after midnight or something would the world as we know it come to an end?? I very much doubt it and what would be the reduction in green houses gases if we did cut back on them, across the whole of the country and then encouraged other european countries to do the same.

Thats it for today people, You will have to demand these things off the Assembly, after all the BBC or other media groups have failed to do so with the other issues, like the fiddle of the councils rent revenue account compared to that of housing associations or private landlords.

Once again I will mention for the record in the last 7 years that I have been writing letters to alter perception of how things are done Cardiff County Council have paid £105 Million pounds to private landlords in this city. How much cheaper would housing be now in the rental sector if only they had invested this money in property, not just given it away free gratis.

Love n Light Crazydave

Write or e-mail your Assembly member and ask how come you plaid cymru members aren't demanding these things off Rhodri Morgans government, or how come you Conservatives or you Lib Dems members aren't demanding these things from Rhodri Morgans Government. Or is government really just the mouth piece for corporate America?????"

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